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Limited Access M-TH

All Access

All Access + Food

Summer Deals

Flexible Fun

Our punch passes come in three varieties— 4-hour limited access, 4-hour all access, or all day access with food—with options to suit any schedule. Perfect for families looking for a mix of brief visits or extended adventures.

Shareable Passes

Bring friends or family along! Each punch pass can be used by multiple individuals, making it easy to share the joy and excitement with others.


Maximize your visits without breaking the bank. Our punch passes offer great value, allowing you to enjoy more for less with up to three punches per day, ensuring a summer filled with memorable experiences.

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Endless Fun

Unlock endless fun this summer with our versatile Punch Passes! Choose from three tailored options for maximum flexibility and enjoyment at KTR Glendale. All punch passes include 7 passes that you can use all summer long!

How to Redeem:

Step 1:

Purchase Pass online

Step 2:

Pick up Punch Pass in store

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