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Tumbling Camp

Whether you're a gymnast who needs practice time, a cheerleader who wants to work on a backhandspring or a fan who wants to do a flip, you've tumbled into the right place!

Our programming and curriculum are designed to give our campers a great learning experience! Learn your way, with no judgements and no limits! We encourage kids to learn at their pace and foster an encouraging atmosphere.

Tumbling Skills Overview:

  • Back Hand Spring

  • Back Tuck

  • Front Aerial

  • Back Tuck

  • Arabian

  • And Much More!!

General Camp Overview:

  • Safety Tips and Tricks

  • Solid progressions -- helps the beginner build a great foundation

  • KTR custom Curriculum and Progression Charts

  • The variety in training allows for faster progressions, build great habits and gain strength, coordination and agility.

  • Learn from KTR qualified coaches and visiting Pro's

Register for Camp: Here

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